Batman Vs. Superman: Batman (BATFFLECK) Revealed

Zack Snyder revealed the “new look” for Batman in the upcoming Superman Vs. Batman film. A decidedly battle-worn and sombre Ben Affleck poses next to the equally industrial looking batmobile.

Surprisingly, it looks pretty great.  This incarnation of Batman also looks similar to Frank Miller’s work in The Dark Knight Returns. I guess Snyder’s going with what he knows. Visuals have never been a problem with Zack Snyder. He’s great at translating someone else’s visual style to the screen – take for example, 300, in which the scenes for the film were filmed frame by frame to match the visual style and color pallet of Frank Miller’s graphic novel.

I’ll try not to pass judgement on the film (or casting), as we don’t have any plot details or script to go on. I’m all for Ben Affleck as Batman (I like dem apples). And I think Henry Cavill has great potential as Superman (potential that wasn’t fully explored in the bloated and boring Man of Steel). I’m just not sure how these two characters will play off each other in a feature film – considering that there is little to no lead up to the characters existing in the same universe. Will the film assume that the audience knows Batman’s origins, or will the character be “reintroduced”.  It’s hard to imagine the reboot of a character as central to the DC cannon as Batman, especially so soon after the conclusion of The Dark Knight Rises. I expect that there will be some incredibly difficult comparisons and expectations to live up to.

batman superman

The DC Universe is lagging behind Marvel in its filmmaking efforts. Without the near-perfection of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, I doubt that this film would even be in the works. With the Avengers, Marvel has patiently and painstakingly pulled together its collective characters into a singular universe – prompting a summer blockbuster with well-established characters from successful films.

Marvel has amped up the rivalry once again – with plans to release Captain America 3 on the same May 2016 weekend as the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film. Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier officially became the highest-grossing domestic April film of all time. Marvel has dominated the summer blockbuster market in recent years – this move might cement its stake as box office champion.

As a life-long Batman fan, it’s hard for me to see the reigns of such an interesting and complex character thrown into the hands of Zack “just call him Joel Schumacher” Snyder. I’m not at all a fan of Zack Snyder. The fact that studios keep throwing big money and blockbuster characters at him is a huge surprise to me. He’s great at taking other people’s visuals to screen – but horrible at any cohesive effort at anything related to character development, plot or pacing. I’m surprised that DC, Warner Bros. and its affiliated studios have entrusted Snyder with Man of Steel, The Untitled Batman Vs. Superman film (which also includes Wonder Woman), and the Justice League film (currently in the works). That’s a lot of Snyder and a lot of characters to cram into two upcoming films.

Entertainment Weekly has already dubbed the film the: Man of Steel sequel/Batman reboot/Justice League pilot/Aquaman sidequel

All arguments aside – I will see this film. I’m interested in what they’ll do with these characters. I can only hope for the best. I believe in you BATTFLECK.



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