Concert Review: Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience


Justin Timberlake completed two spectacular sold-out shows in Toronto for his 20/20 Experience World Tour…and it was…an experience.

Justin “JT” Timberlake is a consummate entertainer. From the time he took the stage, to his final bow – the audience was enraptured. JT was smooth, sophisticated and charming as hell, as he swept across the stage and had the entire Air Canada Centre dancing up a storm.

JT is so incredibly talented, he’s been doing this for years, but DAMN, does he make it look easy. Three hours of sensational singing and dancing (minus a 10-minute intermission, for which Justin said “I’m 33-years old…I need it”), and he didn’t even break a sweat in his Tom Ford suits.

Everything about this tour exudes rat-pack glamour. The stage is reminiscent of classic big band set-up, with everyone dressed in smart suits and spiffed up in glitzy style.

The Tennessee Kids, Justin’s large and in-charge back-up band – radiate enthusiasm and  have so much fun on stage, hamming it up and basking in the attention. The exchange between JT and the Tennessee Kids is so fluid and entertaining.


Midway through the show, the entire front end of the stage elevated and hovered over the crowd, travelling from the front of the arena to the very back – giving everyone a little bit of access to JT.  It was a huge surprise, completely unexpected and so thoroughly cool.

The back of the venue floor was transformed into a VIP bar, connected to the moving stage with a set of stairs. JT used the bar as part of his set, dancing over the crowd, taking selfies, and even going so far as to take a shot with the bartenders.


The set list was a catalogue of his 2-part 20/20 Experience album (including “Pusher Love Girl”, “TKO”, “Mirrors” and “Tunnel Vision”) and his hits covering the entirety of his solo-career (with hits like “Senorita”, “Like I Love You”, “Rock Your Body”, and “Summer Love”). He also paid homage to several artists who have clearly influenced his musical style covering Elvis’ “Heartbreak Hotel,” Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” and one of my favourite party jams of all time, Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison,” which he interwove with his recent track “Murder.”

For his ceiling-shattering finale, Timberlake played off with “Suit & Tie,” “Sexy Back” and “Mirrors,” a smash conclusion to an epic set.

Pusher Love Girl

Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)

Rock Your Body

Don’t Hold the Wall


Like I Love You

My Love


Summer Love


Until the End of Time

Holy Grail – (JAY Z cover)

Cry Me a River

Only When I Walk Away

True Blood

Drink You Away

Tunnel Vision


Let the Groove Get In

That Girl

Heartbreak Hotel – (Elvis Presley cover)

Not a Bad Thing

Human Nature – (Michael Jackson cover)

What Goes Around… Comes Around


Take Back the Night

Jungle Boogie – (Kool & The Gang cover)


Poison – (Bell Biv DeVoe cover)

Suit & Tie



Throughout the show, JT never lost energy – in fact, he gained momentum as the night went on. The energy was infectious. No matter how many times I see him live, JT never fails to surprise me with his talent. Soaring falsettos, killer dance moves, and an impeccably flirty flair for entertaining and engaging the crowd.

He’s brought SexyBack….Rocked Our Bodies….and in this show….he’s a TKO.  The 20/20 Experience was quite the experience.



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